Hayes & Stolz Bucket Elevator head sections and caps are designed to provide efficient discharge of product. By determining various products’ material characteristics and matching them to the proper elevator bucket style and elevator operating speed, and by analyzing the discharge trajectory of the product over the head pulley, Hayes & Stolz has designed their Bucket Elevator head and cap profiles to maximize discharge efficiency. An adjustable throat plate is provided to further ensure proper discharge.

The lagged crowned face head pulley is mounted with outboard pillowblock bearings with jacking bolts located under each head shaft bearing for leveling the shaft at installation.

UHMW shaft seals are provided where the head shaft penetrates the cap to make the assembly weather and dust-tight.

For convenience, Bucket Elevator head sections are furnished with inspection and access doors located in the discharge throat and pulley lagging maintenance areas. The cap is a split design for easier handling during maintenance operations.

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