Hayes & Stolz Liquid Coaters provide accurate liquid application to a stream of dry product in either Gravimetric or Volumetric arrangements. Reliability is ensured by precise control of both the liquid and dry product streams. Dry product from a surge bin, equipped with high and low level sensors, is introduced via a chain and bar type feeder into a specially designed spray chamber where liquid is applied to both sides of a thin curtain of dry product. The coating process is further enhanced by the addition of a Continuous Blender installed below the spray chamber.

For optimal results, when selecting a liquid coater consideration should be given to the material characteristics of the dry product being coated, the throughput capacity of the dry product, the number and characteristics of the liquid(s) being applied, the application ratio of the liquid(s) and other factors specific to the intended application. Contact Hayes & Stolz for selection of a standard model or a custom-designed Liquid Coater best suited to your application.