Since 1945 Hayes & Stolz has been widely known and respected for its line of premier quality equipment. Over these many years, our involvement with a wide variety of customers and industries, along with our commitment to delivering solutions, has produced opportunities to expand the services we offer.

Today, our customers turn to Hayes & Stolz for:

  • Testing their products and processes in H&S equipment at our test facility.
  • Installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of H&S equipment with a qualified service technician.
  • Laser and Water Jet cutting services.
  • Custom Manufacturing services for their proprietary equipment.

Contact a qualified Hayes & Stolz Sales Engineer today for effective solutions to your service needs.

With one Trumpf model L4030S, 3200 watt CO2 CNC and one Trumpf model 3040, 4000 watt Fibre laser cutting centers that provide precision cuts with burr-free edges, very narrow kerfs and high feed rates…
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Pressurized up to 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and combined with small amounts of abrasive particles, the water jet stream can cut virtually any hard material…
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High value engineering and custom manufacturing. Put all of the sourcing, planning and efficiency issues in our hands, and control quality and customer cost…
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Run trial mixes with your specific ingredients in an appropriate H & S Mixers or Continuous Blenders…
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Knowledgeable, highly qualified technicians provide “service-after-the-sale” via phone, fax, email or in-person, ensuring successful operation of the equipment…
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