Hayes & Stolz Continuous Blenders, available for Low, Medium or High Intensity blending applications, are another result of our commitment to the technology of mixing and blending. Our extensive line of continuous blenders fit an almost endless variety of blending requirements in some of the most demanding applications. With manufacturing experience since 1945, Hayes & Stolz offers Continuous Blenders that are unsurpassed in dependable continuous blending.

Continuous Blenders can be manufactured with carbon steel, abrasion-resistant steel, or stainless steel with either Stainless Steel Commercial (SSC-I), Sanitary (SSS) or Ultra-Sanitary (USSS) finishes.

High quality materials and workmanship throughout provide economical, maintenance free operation.

Applications for Hayes & Stolz Continuous Blenders include: blending of multiple dry ingredients; blending liquids with dry ingredients; liquid coating of dry materials; and paste/sludge/slurry blending.

For optimal results, when selecting a continuous blender consideration should be given to blending intensity, retention time, shaft speeds, paddle pitch and other factors specific to the intended application. Contact Hayes & Stolz for selection of a standard model or a custom-designed Continuous Blender best suited to your application.

Blenders are available for testing of specific products and/or applications. Tests can be conducted at the Hayes & Stolz test facility or a blender can be shipped to the customer’s facility. Contact Hayes & Stolz for more information.