Hayes & Stolz Horizontal Coolers are designed to cool and/or reduce moisture content of a variety of products from pelleted, cubed or flaked animal feeds to extruded collets in oil extraction processes. Carrying trays move a bed of product at slow speeds as either ambient or heated air is drawn up through the bed to provide drying and/or cooling.

Horizontal Coolers are designed to the application for reliable performance. Standard selections can be made from single pass, double pass, triple pass or quad pass models, available in widths of 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft or 7 ft, with lengths from 15 ft to 50 ft, and with adjustable bed depth capacities to 12”. Contact Hayes & Stolz for assistance with selection of a standard model or a custom-designed Horizontal Cooler best suited to your application.

All Coolers are test run prior to shipping and are shipped fully assembled.