The Hayes & Stolz 71-A ‘Tension Minder’ Boot Section is designed for applications requiring a self-cleaning boot. The 71-A boot features a contoured floating bottom section with a wing type boot pulley mounted with outboard pillowblock bearings designed for nominal 1/4” bucket clearance at all times.

Constant belt tension is set and maintained by a pneumatic air cylinder and a pressure regulator pushing the floating bottom section downward. Positive alignment is maintained by upper and lower telescoping alignment guides.

As with the Standard Boot Section, the inlet pocket is mounted on the “up” side of the elevator and is the same width as the elevator bucket size for efficient bucket filling.

For ease of housekeeping and maintenance the boot includes two clean-out doors (one one each end), an inspection door/shovel pocket with safety grate, heavy duty felt seals around the floating bottom and UHMW boot shaft seals for dust control.

See the Features/Options tab for available options for Hayes & Stolz Bucket Elevator 71-A Boot Section.