Casing Sections for Hayes & Stolz Bucket Elevators are furnished standard as unitized, double-trunk casings in 10 ft. lengths. Shorter casing sections are furnished to achieve the desired discharge height. Double-trunk signifies separate casings for the bucket elevator “up” and “down” sides. Unitized indicates that the “up” and “down” casings are joined at the factory with common assembly flanges.

Each elevator assembly includes one 7 ft. long inspection casing with 5 ft. long removable panels on front and back for bucket access. The inspection sections are reinforced to support the weight of the elevator with all of the panels removed.

Casing sections are jig-built to ensure that the assembly flanges are parallel allowing the elevator to easily be plumbed during installation.

See the Features/Options tab for available options for Hayes & Stolz Bucket Casing Sections.