The Hayes & Stolz Twin Shaft “Counterpoise” Horizontal Batch Mixers is yet another advancement in mixing technology. “Counterpoise” by definition is the result of equal power or forces acting in opposition; a state of balance. This is what the counter-rotating twin shafts provide: a unique, smooth, continual, multi-directional flow of particles in the mixing zone. The result is a quick, gentle mixing that is unsurpassed in mixing efficiency.

The unique blending action that takes place with the counter rotating ribbons or paddles insures repeatability from batch to batch even if disparities in particle size exist. Stratification and separation of different ingredients is eliminated during the mixing process in the Twin Shaft mixer.

The rapid mixing time, as well as the gentle handling characteristics associated with the twin shaft design, minimizes product degradation. These qualities also give the Twin Shaft mixer unique coating capabilities on a wide range of products. Twin shaft mixers are proven to be effective for mixing dry powders, granules, slurries and some pastes.

Homogenous mixing, measured as Coefficient of Variation (Cv) of less than 10, can be achieved in as little as 15 seconds to one minute for most products in Hayes & Stolz Horizontal “Counterpoise” ‘TR’ (Twin Ribbon) and “TP’ (Twin Paddle) Mixers.