The standard configuration for Horizontal Batch Mixers is the single shaft design, consisting of a U-shaped body and a single horizontal main shaft fitted with ribbons and/or paddles for agitation. Single shaft mixers are proven to be effective for mixing dry powders, granules, slurries and some pastes.

Hayes & Stolz began manufacturing the Single Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixer in the early 1950’s and quickly gained a solid reputation as a quality manufacturer of Horizontal Ribbon Mixers and Paddle Mixers. Hayes & Stolz has consistently been a pioneer in the advancement of Horizontal Batch Mixer technology and is credited with many innovations that have improved mixing quality and efficiency. Hayes & Stolz continues to be the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of Single Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixers.

Homogenous mixing, measured as Coefficient of Variation (Cv) of less than 10, can be achieved in as little as 2 minutes for most products in the Hayes & Stolz Single Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixer.