• Internal brass seal to keep tramp metal out of the packing gland
  • Kevlar rope packing versus standard Teflon rope packing material-lasts longer and provides better protection
  • Sanitary packing gland provides better protection for the seal and bearing
  • Split housing on the packing gland
  • Top or bottom loading of the mixer
  • Dynamically balanced internal auger
  • Double top bearings for structural integrity
  • Four hole bolt pattern gives maximum strength of connection between the stub shaft and hollow shaft
  • Special bolt pads are designed to give maximum contact with a round shaft providing additional strength
  • Internal auger housing is adjustable at the top and bottom to maintain proper alignment
  • Site glass in the side wall allows monitoring of material flow and level inspection
  • Bottom access clean out door
  • Drive belt is a banded V belt-for proper tracking
  • For optimum mixing the speed of the shaft is designed to turn the volume of the tank approximately eight times within an hour
  • Belt guard is split for easy maintenance
  • An inspection port is provided on top of the belt guard
  • Available in mild steel or stainless steel construction