KINGDOM PURPOSE (Why we are here)

Hayes & Stolz exists to honor God and to reflect His nature to those in our circle of influence. We will accomplish this: (1) by respecting our fellow workers and extending to them fairness and security in the work place; (2) by always acting in truth and openness when dealing with our customers, our suppliers and our industry associates; and (3) by fulfilling with the utmost integrity our responsibility to serve the world community.

MISSION (Who we are)

Hayes & Stolz is an experienced and highly qualified resource delivering innovative solutions for moving and processing of bulk materials. Through the manufacture and supply of application-focused equipment we participate in the challenge to feed the world, and we play a role in current issues that shape our future.

VISION (Where we are going)

Hayes & Stolz will vigorously strive to maintain and enhance our status as THE premier resource for solutions and equipment to the world community. Our focus is on delivering premium quality products through state-of-the-art manufacturing, effective processes, and continual improvement. Our goal is to provide our customers with the exceptional service they would expect from a world class organization while maintaining the intimacy experienced when dealing with a small neighborhood business.

VALUES (How we will get there)

  • Integrity, honesty and fairness are the standards for all our dealings.
  • We honor commitments to faith, family and our business.
  • The commitment to premium quality is a constant and ongoing process.
  • When our people are empowered with authority and they embrace personal responsibility, ambitious goals will be achieved, both company and personal.


Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co.’s quality policy is represented by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction in meeting and exceeding expectations in the quality of our products and service. It is to be achieved by continuously improving our people, products, manufacturing processes and internal systems.